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Here are some links to different types of literature and book clubs:

Literature Online


Representative Poetry Online--An online anthology of poetry
Poem of the Day (one for every day of the school year):
Poetry 180 - Recent Updates


Free Online Novels--Free novels in a variety of different genres
Top 100 Novels--According to TIME magazine critics
Bartleby.com--Find a variety of literature, including classics
Project Gutenberg--Over 20,000 free online books
Very Short Novels--These are actually short stories
ShortShortShort stories--Sample stories, but you can also subscribe for more

Newspapers, Articles, and Journals:

Book Riot--"Always books. Never boring."
ShortList--Articles about books and literature in general
The New York Times--Find articles, book reviews, and more
The Washington Post--US and World news, and more
Washington County News--SWVA news
Bristol Herald Courier--Tri-Cities news
Daily Progress--Charlottesville news
How Stuff Works--"Learn how everything works!"
Delancey Place--Receive a new article every day
Today I Found Out--Receive a new interesting fact every day

Find Books to Read

Book Trailers: Preview new books like you preview new movies

Book Trailers for Readers
Slime Kids Book Trailers
Scholastic's The Stacks Book Trailers
Teaching Books.net Book Trailers
Middle School Book Trailers
Digital Book Talk Book Trailers
Adolescent Book Trailers--These are linked to posts on YouTube, so you won't be able to access them at school.

Book Clubs:

GoodReads--My favorite book site: social networking for book lovers to share book lists and reviews
--My most recently read books are shared below, via Goodreads:

Shelfari--Social networking site where you can read reviews and share your own book list
--Some book I recommend are on the Shelfari bookshelf below:

Library Thing--Share your personal library and discuss books with others
BookCrossing--Leave a book somewhere and see who finds it
Book Mooch--Give away books and get new ones on a point system
The Guardian--Teen book club

Search for Books:

GSMS Library Page
B&N Teens' Books
BAM Teen Books
Teen Reads Ultimate Reading List

Other ways to find new books:

What Should I Read Next?--Get recommendations based on books you like
Gnooks--A great way to search for books and authors
Your Next Read--Enter a book you like and find more like it