Extender- Andreas

1. I relate this to the real life event of a fad such as Silly Bands, the rubber bands you put around your arm. The Angel came and was very popular for a few days, in which people 'reached beyond the horizon.' Then the human who had been turned into a spider showed up and everyone left the Angel. He was quickly forgotten, and came and went just like a fad.

2. I relate this to the book James and the Giant Peach, where James grows a giant peach and then people come from around the world to come see it, just like the Angel who they came and saw. This is because in a way similar to the Angel, the peach seems magical and almost supernatural.

3. I relate this to the movie Thor because a supernatural person comes to people. Just like in Thor, the Old Man is otherworldly, but in the chicken coop many human characteristics are revealed and there is a blending of the supernatural and natural.

4. I relate this to The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe because in both there is a uncertainty in the narrator. He gradually reveals opinions about the story and is constantly changing his tone. In The Raven, the narrator also develops and changes his tone.

1. In the beginning of the story, a fallen man is found. What is he thought to be?
2. Compare the Angel with the Spider-Woman.
3. Why is the Angel so careful as to not have anyone notice his wing growth and his chanting under the stars?

Character Tracker: Britani Coleman

1. Cruel- I used this word because in the story they find this old man with wings. The people that find him are named Pelayo and Elisenda. When they find him they watch him all day and lock him in a chicken pen at night. Then they started to leave him in there. Next thing you know there are people coming by and giving him food through a fence. Then they started to throw things at him and even once they burned him with an iron because they thought he was dead. They treated him horribly. They treated him with no respect and like an animal or circus freak. When he would wonder around in a room Elisenda and Pelayo didn't want him in they would beat him with a broom until he got out.

2. Rude- I think that in the story they treat him rudely. Usually when you find a stray man laying there in the ground and very weak you do your best to help him. Instead, they put him in a cage and make him "famous" by letting people come by to see him and treat him like a circus freak. They don't let him bathe and they don't give him at least some where nice to sleep. They don't try to call around or even call the police to see who he was. They don't take him to a hospital. They just let him get treated badly by people and in there own way they neglect him too. At the end of the story, it explains the angel trying to fly. Well Elisenda is watchinh him. He was cutting up her onions but the only reason she didn't say nothing because she was glad he left. She was glad because he was no longer an annoyance to her but a dot in the horizon.

3. Well-tempered- I would desribe the angel as this because of how calm he was except one time. He went this all that bad treatment and the only reason he exploded that one time was because they burned him with a flat iron. Though, for someone to be so patient that all they do is sit there or act like no one is around them is amazing. It truly is. Also, for him to have been hurt, survive a hard winter and stuck in a horrid place he handled it pretty calmy.

4. Unique- I would use this to describe the spider lady and the story. She is described as a frightful tarantula the size of a ram and with the head of a sad maiden.The story says that what was most heartrending is, however, was not her outlandish shape but the sincere affliction with which she recounted the details of her misfortune. While still practically a child she had sneaked out of her parents' house to go to a dance, and while she was coming back through the woods after having danced all night without permission, a fearful thunderclap rent the sky in tow and through the crack came the lightning bolt of brimstone that changed her into a spider. Her only nourishment came from the meatballs that charitable souls chose to toss into her mouth.
5. Depressed- I say this word because throughout the story someone wasn;t to happy. Like, Elisenda was too happy for the angel to be there. Both, Pelayo and Elisenda, was upset over their kid being sick. The angle wasn't too happy with being in a chicken coop. Then near the end , the angel would drag himslef from room to room. Then they would drive him out the room with a broom. He sat motionless, in the farthest corner of the courtyard, where no one would see him while his feathers grew.

Level 1,2 and 3 questions:
1. Describe what the spider lady looks like.
2. Judging from reading the story, how would you describe the angels personality?
3.The neighbor woman said that the man was an angel and he must have been coming for the child but the storm knocked him down. Do you think this is true?