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Writing Tips

Purdue Online Writing Lab--An abundance of tips for writing and MLA format
Writer's Block--Punctuation, grammar, and style tips
12 Writing Tips--From George Orwell's "Politics and the English Language"
Writing a Basic Essay--Simple tips to organize an essay
Essay Writing Tips--Steps and summaries of different types of essays
Approaches to Writing Poetry--How to begin your own poetry
How to Write a Poem--a wikiHow for writing poems
BBC Poetry Kit--A poetry-making kit/build your own poem
8 Basics of Creative Writing--Kurt Vonnegut's rules from the preface of Bagombo Snuff Box

What to do with Your Writing

Free Poetry Contests--Enter your own poetry in a contest
Writing.com--Enter writing contests and have your writing reviewed by other writers
Dandelife--Write your own online biography
The Next Big Writer--Post your writing to be read and reviewed, or review others' writing
Once Written--All kinds of writing contests
How to Get Published--A guide for possible publishing

Build Your Vocabulary

Improving Vocabulary--Quick tips to follow
Vocabulary Tips--How to Improve Your Vocabulary