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Communication Skills

What Is Rhetoric?--Scholarly definitions of rhetoric
Great Public Speaking--A blog with tips to add spice to your speeches
Character Counts--A quick list of speaking tips
Free Public Speaking Tips--A long list of different types of tips
Improve Your Communication Skills--How to become a better speaker
Mind Tools for Communication--Communication skill tips
Good Communication Skills--A step-by-step wikiHow
Quotes for Speakers--Quotes to use for a variety of topics

    Examples of Great Public Speakers

    Martin Luther King, Jr.--I Have a Dream

    John F. Kennedy--Inaugural Address (in 2 parts)

    Famous Speeches--Many famous speeches throughout the course of U.S. History
    American Rhetoric--Top 100 American speeches, many with audio
    History Video Gallery--See videos of some famous speeches
    Sojourner Truth--"Ain't I a Woman?" speech
    Frederick Douglass--"The Hypocrisy of American Slavery" speech
    TED Speeches--Watch these videos of people with ideas for the future