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Listening to Literature

Poetry Out Loud--Listen to poems read by authors and celebrities
BBC Poetry out loud--Poets perform their own work
LibriVox--Listen to books online for free
Wired for Books--A variety of literature online with dramatic readings
Project Gutenberg--Download audiobooks for free
Literal Systems--Download or listen to books online
Audible--You have to have an account for this one but they have a huge selection
Sound Cloud--Audiobooks, podcasts, music, and more; you can even join to share your own audio

Lexicon Valley--My new favorite podcast! This is all about language!
How Stuff Works--My favorite is "Stuff You Should Know" but they have several great podcast series, like "Stuff You Missed in History Class"
Grammar Girl--She talks about a new topic each week with tips for improving your writing
Open Culture

    Building Your Listening Skills

    Listening Skills--Tips for class
    Poor vs. Effective Listeners--Qualities of bad and good listeners
    Mind Tools--Active listening skills
    Listening Comprehension--Quizzes created for ESL learners, but can be helpful for everyone