Cosa Questions:
1. What did the boy do to the woman that made her scream at him?
2. Why do you think the woman made all of the food at the end of the story?
3. Analyze what may have the problem the woman had with her son and the problem she had with herself.
1. Where did the woman stay in her house?
2. How do you think the father feels knowing that his wife hates their child and doesn't want to be a part of their lives?
3. Why do you think the sorrowful woman chose to commit suicide and make her family a wonderful meal right before?


The Notebook- this story reminded me of the book and movie The Notebook because of the husband. The husband in A Sorrowful Woman is so compassionate and does anything for his wife. His compassion remind of the Noah's love for Allie, even they're older and she's losing her memory. Even though Allie doesn't remember anything about their love story or her children who visit her, her husband is still by her side. This is much like the husband understanding when the woman says that she wishes she wouldn't have to see her husband and the child ever again.


A Beautiful Mind- a man who was once very intelligent and well known for his theory becomes schizophrenic. He and his wife have to cope with his mental illness, but she still loves him. She stays with him, even though he could have hurt her. John, the man, never got better; but his wife, Alicia, was always with him. This is also another comparison to love shown by the husband for the woman.

Inception- (1) the main character, Cobb, works in dreams and helps build them. But one time he and his wife got stuck in the dreamland and lived there for many years. They uilt a life there and when they finally came home, his wife couldn't tell what was reality. She soon became crazy and didn't care about their children anymore. One night Cobb comes home to Mal, his wife, standing on the ledge of their hotel building, getting ready to jump. She says that this isn't the real life and she wants to go back to the dreamland where her real children are and where their real life was. In the scene I have here, it shows Cobb trying to talk his wife out of jumping. This relates to A Sorrowful Woman because the woman care nothing of her son but the husband takes care of her and loves her.

Inception- (2) Cobb works with dreams and his job is to get into the son of a man of his death bed. All the man wants from his father is his approval. Cobb and his team go into his dreams and make the son believe that his father hates him. This relates to the woman's hate for the child and the possible future of the boy.

Vocabulary Builder:
1.Receptive-Able or willing to receive something, esp. signals or stimuli. Also, willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas. The woman's husband in this story was described as receptive for his willingness to accept anything his wife wished or thought.
2.Retching-(also known as dry heaving) is the reverse movement (peristalsis) of the stomach and esophagus without vomiting. As the sorrowful woman was crying, she would pause in between trying to cause herself to vomit forcefully.
3.Coaxing-Persuade (someone) gradually or by flattery to do something. The girl the husband had hired for the child tried coaxing the frightened child to play with her.
4.Cloistered-Kept away from the outside world; sheltered: "a cloistered upbringing." The sorrowful woman's husband described her as a cloistered queen.
5.Sheathed-Encase (something) in a close-fitting or protective covering. The girl who was hired for the child sheathed the records somewhere in their home.
6.Sonnet-A poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes, in English typically having ten syllables per line. The sorrowful woman engaged in writing a poem of this style while in her room.
7.Parcel-A thing or collection of things wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by mail. An old woman extracted a parcel from the garbage in this story.
8.Cognac-A high-quality brandy, properly that distilled in Cognac, France. The sorrowful woman poured herself a glass of cognac. I'm guessing it was a high brand alcohol beverage.
9.Nimbly-In a nimble or agile manner; with quickness and lightness and ease. The girl nimbly went to the edge of the room recapturing the grasshopper.
10.Competently-Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully. The girl led the child competently from the room.

Image Finder:

1. The bedroom reminds me of where the wife hid away from her family. Her husband continued to bring her breakfast here and didn't seem to mind her resting so much.
external image a+leap+4.jpg

2. Unsatisfied with her life, she closes herself away and at the sight of her child and husband, she is disgusted. Nothing seems to help her cope and seems to become increasingly irritable.
external image Grumpy-woman.jpg

3. The woman in the rain resembles a woman who is distressed. Godwin's protagonist becomes extremely isolated when she fines nothing pleasing. She tries on different roles but none of them seem to please her.
external image Copy%2Bof%2BShades%2Bof%2BHappiness%2Bphoto%2BWoman%2Bin%2Brain%2Bsmall2.JPG

4. When the son bit his mother which caused bleeding, she was torn. Children playing and biting are typical. I suppose the sight of the blood disgusted her which caused her to run off and lock herself in a room.
external image biting.jpg

5. The bird creates the picture of spring. The woman woke up to an empty life and decided to change things. She cooked, she cleaned, and she created 2 sweaters of grey. Her husband and son were impressed with her work and finally had the fulfillment of having a mother back.
external image bird_spring_1332419728.jpg