Character Tracker-
Paul is first introduced as a very dishonest person, always lying to get attention. Paul told several tall tales of having autographed pictures of members in the stock company or lying to his father about his whereabouts. Paul was not a trustworthy person for his compulsion to lie, although he claims to not enjoy it.

When Paul was being questioned at the beginning of the story by his school principle and his teachers, his behaviors described by the teachers were very impolite. For example, when his English teacher went to guide his hand and he pulled his hand away quickly and forcefully. Paul's actions were inconsiderate and very rude.

Throughout the story, on the train, in his yellow painted bedroom, Paul is very restless. He is always got a nervous twitch about him. In his mind everything is ugly and imperfect, I think that this is because he is so judging and easy to insult things around him.

Paul is adventurous because he plotted to leave home on Cordelia Street, to travel alone to New York. The story said that he had imagined his escape from home and to the city several times, and he had ran through his great entrance over and over again. His home life was not satisfying to him, and the greatest pleasure was listening to the orchestra at the Carnegie Hall. So the excitement of an escape to New York was what Paul had to look forward to.

Upon Paul's arrival in New York, he was very eager to purchase a new suit, shined shoes and to get an elegant hotel room. For a change, Paul indulged himself in the pleasures of a new surrounding, enjoying the New York lifestyle for a few days.

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external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQVsJUYFxh3h2oa0zojiTJ-JBbDj4X6g-_fFbe8pbkXu2q2gDNrtw
This picture shows Carnegie Hall, where Paul is an usher and loves to sit and listen to the music that the orchestra plays. He feels as if the music and the Carnegie Hall enviornment "set him free."

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRIS1Fp0gUWcHvuFv4rMzauujdBCj3wUyRQ-AXkv1UJllDmtVBbag
This picture represents Paul's bedroom that he absolutely despises and never wants to return home to. He feels as if he doesn't belong in that bedroom, and that he should be living in a more prestigious place.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRha7kx7EFfl9BYVkM0suWr-q96Ac_6wqL5HuGw6IeJSYX76P8N
This picture represents the train that Paul travels on to go to New York City. Paul has wanted to travel to New York City for a long time, and he finally gathers up the courage to escape from his neighborhood that he does not like (Cordelia Street) and go.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTRBTIsrlZ9MGn_xffFU2-GDH2ufUPnHx7oh0APlMJM6g70USD25w
This picture represents the fancy clothes that Paul buys when he arrives in New York City. Paul feels that living amongst the wealthy people in New York City and playing the part of a wealthy person himself is where he truly belongs.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRbdyRo9NOOgTMojW2Q1v-tMhOQPujAJzkDXXKPof9J_8IYt4m45g
This picture represents the flowers that Paul calls for to be sent to his room in New York City. These flowers also represent the flowers that Paul sees blooming in big class cases on corners of The Park in New York City. The red carnations in this flower arrangement represent the red carnation that Paul wears in his buttonhole on the day that he goes into school to appear in front of the faculty and discuss his "various misdemeanors." The red carnations in this flower arrangement also represent the red carnations that Paul carries in his coat while walking through the snow before he is killed.

Costa's Levels of Questions
1. Describe what Paul looks like.
2. Compare and Contrast Paul and his father.
3. Why do you think that Paul loves the way of life he experiences in New York City? Give three reasons why you think that Paul loves that way of life.

Kyle Seago

Costa’s Questions
Level 1- Where did this story take place?
Level 2- What do you believe Paul’s thoughts are on school?
Level 3- Predict what you would do if you were Paul.

My friends and I connect with Paul because we don’t like to read ether. We would also rather listen to music like Paul.

Paul and a famous rapper Biggie Smalls are similar because they both had problems in school and didn’t like it. They both had the same dream, to become a singer.

When they are describing the dining room, I can relate to it in a real life experience. When I was about 10, I went to one of my friend’s house and his dining room was very similar to the dining room being described.

At the end of this story when he is about to be hit by a train, reminds me of the story we read earlier, The Fatalist. In this book the Fatalist tries to get hit by a train too.

Vocabulary Builder: Vicky Donnelly
1) Belladonna- poisonous herb yielding a drug.
2) Rancor- bitter deep-seated ill will
3) Impertinence- irrelevant
4) Habitually- commonly practiced or observed
5) Contemptuous- feeling or expressing contempt
6) Mirthfulness- gladness and laughter
7) Inquisition- official inquiry
8) Vindictive- seeking or meant for revenge
9) Suppression- put an end to by authority
10) Vehemence- showing strong esp. violent feeling
1) Explain what Paul looks like.
2) Why do you feel the teachers got so upset?
3) Predict how you would feel as Paul going through the problems he faced.