I chose the cadillac because that is what the old man bet against the american.
The hand shows what the boy would have to give if he lost the bet.
The knot symbolizes the promise of the bet between the two men.
In this story I felt like a knife is not only a literal thing, but it also symbolizes how tense the situation was and his fear.The lighter is the reason the entire story even started. If the American didn't have a lighter with him. the bet wouldn't have taken place, and there wouldn't have been a conflict.
1. What was the bet about?
2. Why do you think the American took the bet?
3. Why do you think the woman would keep him with her if he was so dangerous?

Extender: Caitlin
The Yakuza or Gokudo is a gang in Japan. The reason why I chose to compare the Yakuza to “The Man From The South” is because a ritual associated with the Yakuza is finger cutting. If a Yakuza member does anything to disturb his boss or others he will have to cut off his pinky finger and serve it to his overlord as an apology. Sometimes, the Yakuza chop off their fingers to serve loyalty. (the theory being that with less fingers one can’t hold a sword and is at the mercy of his/her boss.) “In The Man From The South” Carlos is betting other people silly bets and if those people lose, they will have to cut off their fingers. Unlike the Yakuza though, Carlos just does this for fun. I am using the finger cutting as my connection to the real world.

Finger amputation is popular in some primitive cultures as either a statement, or something tied to their religious beliefs.

It could happen to you is a movie about a man who can't tip his waitress so he gives her a lottery card. This is just like (Man From The South) the young boy betting against the man because he is basically relaying on the skills of a lighter which has a 50/50 chance of working.

"The lottery" is a story about a town in which a way of depopulating is to stone a person with the marked slip. Each member must pick a slip and must stay true to his/her slip, just like the way the young boy (Man From The South) has to keep up his end of the bet, even if it means losing his finger.

Costa Questions:

1. Identify what accent Carlos has.
2. Compare the teenage boy and teenage girls reaction to the bet.
3. Imagine how you would feel if you had to watch over Carlos.

charactrer tracker: robert
1. The creepy old man is persistant.
2. The american boy is gulible.
3. The women at the end of the story is helpful.
4. The narrator is concerned.
5. The girl by the pool is scared.

1. The old man wont leave the American boy alone so he is persistant.
2. The boy was tricked into making a bet.
3. The women saves the American boy.
4. The narrator doesn't want the bet to happen.
5. The girl by the pool is scared for the American boy.

1. Which character was most like you and why?
2. Compare the old man to a foolish man in vegas, in which ways do they loose money and/or possesions?
3. In what ways could you guess that the women at the end won all the old man's possesions?

Vocabulary Builder: Grace
1. Immaculately: Free from spot ot stain.
This puts great emphasis on the man's appearance. It describes how pristine and clean he is, and how he seems to stand out from the rest of the crowd that is gathered at the pool.
2. Bobbed: To move in a quick jerky motion.
This indicates how the man walked differently from most people and that he was oddly pleased.
3. Relishing: pleasurable appreciation of anything.
This hints that the man is enjoying making this little bet, and that there might be something alittle mysterious going on that the reader doesn't know about yet.
4.Contemptuous: Showing or expressing contempt or distain.
The man is trying to persuade the boy to bet and does not understand why he will not bet if he says his lighter always works.
5. Colorless: Without color.
This is describing the man's eyes and how they are eery and mysterious.
6. Animated: Full of life.
While everyone else is hesitant or frightened he is excited.
7. Exactly: Accurately
This is foreshadowing that since the man can tie up the hand so well that he might have done this type of betting before.
8. Vigorously: Preformed with vigor.
This shows how angry the women is and how violently she is shaking the man because she knows what he has done.
9. Menace: Something that threatens to cause evil.
The author is explaining just how horrible of a person this little man is.
10. Faint: Lacking Brightness.
The women has shaken the man so violently that you can barely see his outline or his body.
Costa's Questions
1.What was the odd little man going to use to chop of the boy's finger?
2.What do the missing fingers on the women's hand imply?
Do you think that the man should be punished or put away for his dangerous bets? Why or why not? Explain.