Cameron Green: Character Tracker

Sincere: Rat was very open when he was writing his letter and he even started crying.

Angry: Rat was extremely mad when Curt's sister didn't write back to him.

Happy: Rat and Curt were having a lot of fun in the tree when they were throwing the smoke grenade, they were very happy.

Upset: Rat was extremely upset so he took the baby buffalo and tortured it because Curt died.

Depressed: Rat was extremely upset when Curt died.

Cameron's Questions:
Level 1: Who died in the story?
Level 2: Name the things the men were doing in the tree.
Level 3: How would you feel if your best friend died? What would you do?

Image Finder: Kevin Bromberger.

"How to Tell a True War Story" (1990)

By: Tim O'Brien


external image 16M-030508_2.jpg
This is a m16 assult rifle which was the standard firearm carried by the United States infantry. This is the gun Lemon took on ambush when he was naked, this is the rifle Rat used to shoot the buffalo.


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRaB01FNS4-VHlf_DDqyc24PVIH74X62H88xmUTfsRkzfSkO0ii the picture on top illustrates how the round would be situated in the ground. and against common belief when a round is shot not in a barrel it has the same effect as a bomb, this trap works by pressure when some one steps on the bullet it pushes the the firing pin into the nail and "boom".
The image on the bottom shows how large the round is. These pictures show how concentrated and powerful the explosion would have been.


external image 3852911480_23b64a834c.jpg


This is a baby water buffalo like the one Rat tortured.


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1B9fFAyRphhA1Hs0HzDstR4BvMdBoutq56i7O85YGbVnbd3TZ,s:0,i:115

This is a M18 smoke grenade which was the standard smoke grenade during the Vietnam war so Rat and Lemon war most likely playing catch with something like this.


external image 4113844.ClassicYoYoBlue.jpg,s:0,i:141

This is like the yo-yo, Mitchell Sanders always played with his yo-yo.

Kevin's Questions.

  1. How old is Rat?
  2. Infer is this story true?
  3. What is the moral of the story?

Vocabulary Builder: Chandler Carrera

Vietnam: A country in South East Asia. Tim used it to describe where the story takes place.

Profanity: The quality of being profane.The Author used Cuss words to show the characters mood.

Weapons: Any instrument or device for use in attack or defense in combat, fighting, or war, a sword, rifle,or cannon. He used these to describe they are at war.

Jungle: A wild land overgrown with dense vegetation, often nearly impenetrable, especially tropical vegetation or a tropical rainforest. Tim uses it to describe the setting.

Dangerous: Full of danger or risk. Used to describe Bob.

Personal: Referring or directed to a specific person. Used to Explain the letter.

Zillion: An extremely large, indeterminate number. Used to describe the amount of dead fish.

Best Friend: A very close person attached to another through affection or feelings. used to describe the relationship between Rat and Bob.

Sad: An emotion showing grief.

Giggling: To laugh in a silly way. Used to show happiness and fun between the two friends.


1. Define Tremendous.
2. Analyze Rat and Bobs friendship.
3. Predict whether or not you could do the things Bob did.