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The image below is connected to the story because
when reading the story it talks about this huge, scary
guy named Harrison Bergeron that escaped from jail.
He basically crashes this show about ballerinas and says
he is the leader and to watch what he can become. Then
after that he asked who wants to be his empress. This
ballerina stands up and he grabs her towards him and
makes the musicians play a nice song and they dance.

I have this picture below because in this amazing story it talks
about a breaking news all the sudden while these two folks
are watching television. You would never guess but they were
talking about this big, 7 feet tall, scary, and handicapped guy that has
just broke out of jail. He is on the lose and the warning they give
is to not to even try to reason with him.

I put this picture below because when you first start to read this story
it explains in the very beginning that the year was 2081. I thought this would
be nice so if anyone was to see this picture they would get the
hint that this story doesn't take place in our time now
nor back before. It takes place in the future.
external image future-ahead.jpg
This picture below is a cartoon picture of Harrison Bergeron. In the story it
explains he is exactlexternal image 3900973_f260.jpgy seven feet tall, with hardware born heavier than
any other handicapp, he had a
tremendous pair of headphones,
spectacles with thick and wavy
lenses, eyebrows shaved off,
a red rubber ball for a nose,
and his teeth covered with
black caps.

The reason I put the picture below is because throughout
the story it talks about these ballerinas dancing. Though
what is different about these ballerinas is they have mask
on. They have these mask on because this world of 2081
doesn't like competition. These mask prevent the competition
of beauty.

external image moment.jpg

Level 1,2 and 3 questions:
1- What does this world of 2081 try to prevent?
2- Compare the differences of 2081 and 2012.
3- Judging from what the world is like now, how do you think you
would react if in 69 years(2081) if the world was like that? Would you
like it? Reply in complete and full sentences(write at least a paragraph).


  1. Equal: Being the same in quantity, size, degree, or value. This is important because it sets the tone for the entire story, which revolves around equality for all and the handicapping of others to ensure this is achieved.
  2. Tragic: Causing or characterized by extreme distress or sorrow. This is representative of the world that the characters live in. This setting is so tragic because although everyone is equal, advancement is compromised because of this.
  3. Advantage: A condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position. George is described as having an advantage because of his intelligence. Because George is too smart, the government has installed a transmitter that makes distracting sounds every 20 seconds, thus limiting his mental abilities.
  4. Scattered: Thrown in various random directions. This is what supposedly happens to George's thoughts when he begins thinking. George is pondering the notion of not handicapping people when his thoughts are scattered by the beeper in his head.
  5. Dangerous: Able or likely to cause injury. This is the word used to characterize Harrison Bergeron by the ballerina reading the news. This is because unlike others, Harrison is not handicapped, and is fully capable of damage.
  6. Mixed up: (of a person) suffering from psychological or emotional problems. This word is what Hazel uses to describe her mind. She remembers seeing something sad on television (Harrison's death), but cannot remember it 30 seconds later because of her handicap.
  7. Dead: No longer alive. This is what happens to Harrison Bergeron and his 'empress.' They choose to stand up to the government, and are shot down immediately. This sets the tone for the story, which is that of a tyrannical government.
  8. Apologize: Express regret for something one has done wrong. The ballerina reading the news is required to apologize for her voice, which is a 'warm, luminous, timeless melody.' This demonstrates that good characteristics must be taken away or apologized for to make things equal, which helps further propound the tone of an excessively fair government.
  9. Bargain: A thing bought for sale more cheaply than is usual or expected. This is what George describes his punishment for taking his handicap out as not being. He says it would not be a bargain were he to remove some lead balls that weigh him down and receive two years in prison and two thousand dollars. This helps establish in the beginning the setting of a handicapped world and the tone of a evil government.
  10. Emperor: Sovereign ruler of great power or rank. This is what Harrison Bergeron demands to be called. This helps characterize him as an all powerful, despotic tyrant.

1. What is George's relation to Harrison?
2. Why do you think Harrison kissed the ceiling?
3. What are some real life examples of someone going too far when trying to create something really great?