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This is Rex Dillot. He is penniless so he devises a plan to make some money.

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Rex is thinking that he hasn't tested fate in a while, so he bets all his money that he can bet this other guy and earn back some money at Billiards ( Which Rex is good at)
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This video is representing how good this stranger really is and how Rex was starting to doubt his choice and look for a way out.

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On the way up the stairs, to get away from this horrible match Rex was never going to win, Rex sees a lamp on the edge of a table and gets a brilliant plan into his head.

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Rex "accidentally knocks the lamp off the table and evacuates everyone out of the house. The Billiard game was "sadly" destroyed in the little house fire. Luckily though, the house isn't completely burned down.

Costa Q's
define Penniless
Infer what Rex was going do when he figured out that Strinnit was coming.
Imagine what the house looked like after it had been damaged by the fire.

Character Tracker: Tina

Arrogant: I would describe Rex as an arrogant person because he does not think about the decisions that he makes. In the story, Rex goes ahead and makes a bet that is worth more than he is, after being warned by Clovis not to do anything before thinking about it thoroughly. The narrator says, "he had done what he had said he would. He had been rash"
Confident:I find Mr. Thundleford very confident in her opinion about billiard the game. She stood up for her opinion, when Mrs. Cuvering and the hostess were trying to convince her that it is a truly an amusing game. She says "I can't see what particular amusement you find in watching two men prodding little ivory balls about on a table."
Brilliant: Even though I find Rex to be quite arrogant, he is quite a brilliant young man. As he realized that he was not going to be winning this bet that he got himself into he just didn't stand there waiting for Strinnit to pot the last ball in, he left and found a brilliant solution to distract and even stop the game from from continuing.
Wise: In the story Clovis counseled Rex to think through the decision that he makes. She says "Don't be rash."
Expert: The narrator says,"young Strinnit was playing slightly above his" meaning that Strinnit have a little more experience than St. Moritz, making him sound like an expert player at billiard.

1.About how old is Rex?
2.Compare Mrs. Thundleford to her hostess?
3.Judging on what we know about Rex, do you think he will make such a bet again?

vocab builder: robert
HELPFUL: giving or rendering aid or assistance;of service. I feel that Rex was helpful in saving the woman.
CARING:a state of mind in which one is troubled; worry, anxiety, or concern. I feel that Rex showed that he was caring by saving the woman who was on fire.
CHEERFUL: full of cheerr; in good spirits. I think that Rex is cheerful because he seems happy even with his cicumstance of being poor.
UNRELIABLE: not reliable; not to be relied or depended on. I think that rex is unreliable because he doesn't seem to stay at one job for long.
FOOLISH: resulting from or showing a lack of sense; ill-considered; unwise. I think that Rex is foolish because he always places bets.
STUPID: lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull. I feel that Rex is stupid because he squanders his money on games he isnt very good at.
ABSORBED: deeply interested or involved; preoccupied. I think that Rex is absorbed because he thinks he is so great when he really is poor and helpless.
POOR: having little or no money, goods. Rex is just poor.
ABANDONED: forsaken or deserted. I think that Rex has been left by his family and friends.
HOPELESS: providing no hope; beyond optimism or hope. I just feel like Rex has no chance in this world based on his spending trends and his circumstance.


1) What is the main characters name?
2) Do you know anyone who is living their life like Rex?
3) How do you think Rex's gambling began?

Extender: Grace

1. I think that the song I gotta Feeling relates to the story Fate because it talks about hoe he always is betting on things and how he "feels" that it's going to be a good night or a good game, and that he might win.

2.I think the movie Forest gump is alittle bit like this story because both Forest and Rx take fate into thier own hands and create a different future for themselves.

3.I think that the character Rex in the story Fate is similar to the celebrity Brittany Spears because they both had gambling problems.

4. My grandmother remids me of the character Theresa Thundleford because they both love to travel and take pictures and share thier stories about thier travels with other people.

Costa's Questions

1.Who is Rex's friend?
2. Why do you think that Rex would vote for someone who had a higher chance of loosing?
3. Do you think that Rex had done something like catching a ladie of fire before? or do you think it was his first time? Explain.