external image new-york-city.jpg

I chose to use this picture of New York because during the story John visits the remains of New York city, and thinks it is the place of the gods.
external image Hudson_river_from_bear_mountain_bridge.jpg

I chose to use this picture of the Hudson River because during his journey, John must cross a huge river. During this time, he almost drowns and when he doesn't, he believes he was saved by the gods. He also was told it is forbidden to cross the river and travel east, so in crossing the river, he is also disobeying his father.

external image Tools.jpg

I chose these pictures of tools because at the end of the story John comes to the realization that they must build again. After seeing New York, and realizing it was made by men, he is stunned by its magnificence and sees that they must advance in their lives and begin building again.

external image colectii04.jpg

I chose to use this picture of metal ore because it signifies the importance of metal to John and his people. Metal is frequently mentioned as an important resource, and is also the only reason John would be allowed to go to the 'Dead Places.' Metal is important, but also must be purified for an unspecified reason, possibly signifying something that has happened in the past that led to the new, primitive society John lives in.

external image plants-growing.png

This symbolizes the growing up and coming of age story that is the backdrop for the tale. John is led through a purification ceremony and then must fast and go on a journey. During his journey, John also become a more developed individual by gaining confidence, learning about himself and his capabilities, as well as discovering the world around him.

1. What is the purpose of John's journey?
2. Compare and contrast the journey of John to another coming of age or exploration story.
3. John travels to New York, and sees several things that do definitely correspond to New York today. What do the sign ASHING and UPTEAN mean? What river does he mean by Ou-di- sun? What building is he referencing with a 'roof... painted like the sky at night with its stars?'

Extender: Britani Coleman
1. Incan- In the Incan civilization among with many others they were polytheistic(belief in many gods). They would sacrifice humans, animals, etc. just to please the gods. They did this to protect them from the gods for so they thought it would. In this story, John is walking around this forbidden place in the east where the gods once were and he sees alot of pigeons and nestings. In his opinion he thought that maybe the gods either loved these animals or sacrificed them.
2. Mayans OR Toltec- In ancient civilizations such as these, Toltec and Mayans, they had built what they called Temples. These temples were built for the gods and not many were allowed up there. As it was said there was supposed to be no one up there. They built them high off the ground. You would have to travel many stairs just to get to them. When John is walking around in the story he says that the gods are known to live high and not on the ground.
3. Medium- In Medium, Patricia Arquette plays Allison Dubois. Allision Dubois is known to be a medium( to simplify a person who sees and talks to dead people). She constantly sees them or talks to them or most of all dreams of them. In some of her shows she will constantly dream of someone dying, murdering someone else, etc., Well, she gets tired of dreaming it so she will get clues from her dream and try to find out where it is and what really happened.In this particular story, John dreams of the gods. In his dream he sees a river and beyond that a great Dead Place and in it the gods walking. So, he tells his father that he is going on a journey to this place.
4. National Treasure- In National Treasure, Nicholas Cage plays Benjamin Franklin Gates(call him Ben). Ben is a treasue hunter and he and his crew go on journeys to that no one would dare go on no matter what.John, in this story, goes on this journey to a great Dead Place and no one else would ever risk to go on this jouney. No one would ever risk this because it is said that if you try to cross the river you will die and if you make it and the gods see you you will die.
Costa Questions:
1. What was the name of the guy that goes on the journey to a great Dead Place?
2. Why does the son of the priests want to go on this journey to a great Dead Place and make sure that he goes through with it?
3. If it was you in the situation, would you have gone on this journey? Or would you have stayed? Do you think if you would have stayed would you regret it?