Vocabulary Builder: Cameron Green
Shocked- When the lieutenant was hit in the arm he was in shock because he didn't know where it came fro and neither did anyone else.
Tough- The lieutenant was tough because he complain about the injury he just did everything normally
Perplexed- He was perplexed by the woods and could not stop looking at the them
Regal- The general looked elegant and regal as he approached the lieutenant
War- This story takes place during a war
Deafening- The blasts of the guns during the battle were deafening
Commotion- The base was very chaotic when the lieutenant arrived
Ridiculous- It was extremely crazy that he wanted to get his arm cut off.
Inconsiderate- He didn't care about how his family or wife would react to his arm.

Cameron's Questions:
Level 1- What did the story say that the lieutenant was holding in his left hand?
Level 2- Would you get your arm amputated?
Level 3- Why do you think the lieutenant got his arm chopped off

Extender: Kevin Bromberger.

An Episode Of War

By Stephen crane, 1896

  1. The fact that they were making snacks out of coffee shows that a life of war is not a glories one, this relates to real life because the men and women serving in the armies around the world, eat food made out of powder. "just and water and heat".
  2. Most people who are injured and have to get a limb or limbs amputated get it done against their will. Stone Wall Jackson is a great example he was shot by three mini-balls in the left arm. His arm was amputated and due to the severity of the wound he died on his way to Richmond
  3. the way the lieutenants army was ambushed is much like the way Americas enemies fight no one saw the shell coming it just exploded sending wood shards in to the lieutenants arm, which is much like the IEDs used against america. the outcome was much like the outcome of many IEDs explosions leading to common amputations and sometimes death.
  4. The reaction of the lieutenant and every one around him is much like any emergency situation most average non-trained people will freeze up in the case of an emergency or life threatening event, for instance when the world trade center was struck by the first plane people just froze and watched, and even after watching the first plane were even more struck when the second plane hit. In the story, "He had winced like a man stung, swayed dangerously, and then straightened. The sound of his hoarse breathing was plainly audible. He looked sadly, mystically, over the breastwork at the green face of a wood, where now were many little puffs of white smoke. During this moment the men about him gazed statue-like and silent, astonished and awed by this catastrophe which happened when catastrophes were not expected--when they had leisure to observe it". this shows first hand how human the people fighting in wars really are, they are not emotionless killers who dont see the faces of the men the kill.


Level 1: What year is this story from?
Level 2: Infer why the lieutenant was so ashamed of getting his arm amputated?
Level 3: what war was the lieutenant fighting in?