Second Semester

  • Journal 1 (2/4-5): Depression-era photo
    • Select one of the photos to write about. You may choose to either write a story or just write your thoughts about the photo (at least a half page).
      Poor_mother_and_children,_California_1936_by_Dorothea_Lange.jpgfamily front porch.jpgDepression-stock-market-crash-1929.jpg
  • Journal 2 (4/8-9): Spring Break/4th Quarter (15 minutes, timed writing)
    • Write about your spring break (in general, or a particular experience).
    • OR Write about your goals for the 4th quarter of this school year. Be detailed.
  • Journal 3 (4/18-19): 2 Characters from Othello
    • Describe two of the following characters just based on evidence from Act 1 Scenes 1 and 2. Explain.
      • Othello
      • Brabantio
      • Roderigo
      • Iago
    • Write one paragraph for each of the two characters you choose.
    • Questions to consider:
      • What is he like?
      • What does he do?
      • How does he treat others?
      • What is his relationship with the other characters?
      • What is his job? Why is it important to who he is?
      • What does he care most about?
      • Would you like this person if you knew him? Why or why not?
  • Journal 4 (May 30-31): Photo prompt
    • Choose one of the pictures. Write one page. You may either explain the situation or write it as a story. You can get extra credit if you write about both (one page each).
    • Questions to consider:
      • Left picture: Who is this? Why was this picture taken?
      • Right picture: What is this place? What will happen next?

First Semester

  • Journal 1 (8/24-27): Try my Hobby
    • What is one of your favorite things to do? Introduce your hobby, and give at least two reasons why someone should try your hobby. (1 full page with introduction, 2 reasons, and conclusion)
  • Journal 2 (8/30-31): Reader's Response
    • What book are you reading? What is it about? Who is your favorite or least favorite character/person so far?
  • Journal 3 (9/14-17): Reader's Response
    • In your book, at what point in the plot are you currently reading (based on the plot diagram)? Explain how you know.
  • Journal 4 (9/20-21): Accused of a crime
    • Imagine that you've been accused of a crime you didn't commit. There isn't enough evidence to try or convict you, but everyone still believes you're guilty. How would you feel? What would you do?
  • Journal 5 (10/4-9): Characterization in __
    • Find two examples of direct characterization and five examples of indirect characterization (based on appearance, speech, private thoughts, actions, and effect on other characters) in the book you are reading. (Label each part like your "Direct and Indirect Characterization" sheet. If you are not able to use your silent reading book, use either "The Cold Equations" or "The Piece of String" that we read in class.
  • Journal 6 (10/10-11): "Occupation:Conductorette"
    1. Looking at the introduction on page 72 in Prentice Hall Literature and the title, predict what the story will be about. After reading: Was your prediction proven correct or incorrect?
    2. Was Angelou's effort worth the result? Give detailed reasons why or why not.
    3. Should people insist on respect from others, or should they walk away from people who are disrespectful?
  • Journal 7 (10/16-17): Summer Job
    • Write a cover letter for the summer job for Durham, NC (Prentice Hall Literature: Grade Ten pages 83-84). Introduce yourself and your qualifications--education, employment history, skills inventory (the skills and experience you have from the list on page 84), volunteer experience, and any additional information about yourself that would be applicable. Tell which job you are applying for and why you would like that job.
  • Journal 8 (11/6-7): Physical Education
    • Some people think that physical education should no longer be a graduation requirement. Individual school districts may choose to maintain or eliminate the program. What do you think AHS should do? Write a full persuasive paragraph to convince your audience that the physical education program is necessary or unnecessary.
  • Journal 9 (12/3-4): Of Mice and MenAnticipation Guide
    • Choose one of the statements and tell why you agree or disagree. Give examples from your own experience to explain.
  • Journal 10 (12/5) (Red day only): Survival Exercise
    • Did you agree or disagree with your classmates' decisions?
  • Of Mice and MenJournals
    • Chapters 1-4 (see separate assignment sheets)